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Honors US History, Intro to Psychology, Advanced Placement Psychology,

SCLA: Community & Local Leadership - 11


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Teaching and Counseling Staff: Emails and Website/Links

Name (Department) Courses for 2014 - 2015

Kate Giese (Art) Email / Website

Crafts, Beginning Drawing, Beginning Painting, Beginning Studio Art, Advanced Drawing, Advanced Placement Studio Art
Jerry Tropman (Art) Email 2D, Crafts, Beginning/Advanced Photography, Beginning/Advanced Ceramics, Digital Photography
Ron Tesone (Business) Email Survey Introduction to Business, Applied Multi-Media, Accounting 1 and 2, Microsoft Office, Business Law, Personal Finance, Business Computer Applications
Michael Sardinia (Counseling) Email Gr -N
Judith Thomas (Counseling) Email A-Go
Andy Yeomans (Counseling) Email O-Z
Whitney Mires (Counseling) Email Interventionist
Joan Scott (F & CS) Email / IKeepBookmarks Food Science 1 and 2, Child Development, Living on Your Own, Relationships
Jean Gurule (Health) Email Health
Joylynn Bockelmann (Language Arts) Email College Prep English 11, Advanced Placement Language/Composition, Yearbook
Pete Defilippo (Language Arts) Email / Website Silver Creek Leadership 9, English 10, English 11
Kristin Holtz (Language Arts) Email / Website Honors English 9, English 9, Advanced Placement Literature/Composition Numbeo , Blog Search Engine

Lauren Kohn (Language Arts) Email / Website /Links!

English CP 12, Online Best Sellers, SCLA: Senior Capstone Project (12) , Literacy
Jason Lathrop (Language Arts) Email

Honors English 9, SCLA 9 survey, College Prep English , English 11, Mythology Envelopes add a Printer Kirkus Reviews Denver Public library 9th Book Survey
11th grade book survey

Jamie Neufeld (Language Arts) Email Website

Integrated English 9, Advanced Placement Language & Composition, College Prep English 12
Matthew Opal (Language Arts) Email Links -->

Honors English 10, College Prep English 12, Science Fiction, Creative Writing, Journalism

Nikki Tobias (ELL/Language Arts) Email / Website English Extensions 9 - 12, English 10, Honors 10
Kaelyn Wood (Language Arts) Links  
Peter Dalby (Math) Email / Website Algebra 1, Geometry, Advanced Placement Physics
Chris Hackenberg (Math) Email / Website Geometry, Algebra 2, Introduction to Programming

Vincent Redding (Math) Email /Website

Algebra, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus
Hilarie Roberts (Math) Email / Website Interactive Math Program 3, Advanced Placement Statistics, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre Calculus
Carmen Rubino (Math) Email / Website Algebra, Interactive Math Program 3, Advanced Plament Statistics
Matt Smedley (Math) Email Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Placement Calculus, Interactive Math Program 3/4
Kay Van Danacker (Math) Email / Website Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
Felicity Wong (Math) Email / Website Algebra 1, Algebra 2
William Legg Email Marching Band , Concert Band, Advanced Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Music Technology 1, Symphonic Band, History of Rock and Roll
Jeremy Skelton (Music) Email / Website Womens Ensemble, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Cantore Choir, Bella Voce, Music Theory, Advanced Placement Music Theory
Paul Trapkus (Music) Email / Website Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Guitar, Music Technology, Video Production
Mike Apodaca (PE) Email Iron Works, Invasion and Field, Net and Target
Mike Silva (PE) Email Iron Works, Invasion and Field, Net and Target
Sara Whiteley (PE) Email / Website Fitness, Net and Target
Bob Banning (Science) Email Advanced Placement Biology
Peter Dalby (Science) Email / Website Advanced Placement Physics, Algebra 1, Geometry
Barb Keith (Science) Email Biology, Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Environmental Science
Dan Kloster (Science) Email Honors Physics, Chemistry, College Prep Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry
Lize Nel (Science) Email Earth Systems, CO-Earth Systems, Physics, College Prep Physics
Brian Mcgee (Science) Email Biology, Honors Biology
Jenica Northrup (Science) Email / Website Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry
Eric Rasmussen (Science) Email CP Chemistry, Chemistry, Earth Systems
Nikki Sandhu (Science) Email (Maroon Days)  Website Earth Systems, Police Academy
Jason Lathrop (SCLA) Email Foundations for Leadership - 9
Jean Gurule (SCLA) Email Foundations for Leadership - 9
Jamie Vigil (SCLA) Email

Global and Cultural Leadership - 10

Julie Forbes (SCLA) Email Community and Local Leadership - 11
Lauren Kohn (SCLA) Email Senior Capstone Project - 12
Bryon Booher (Social Studies) Email / Blog /weblinks US History, Government
Julie Forbes (Social Studies) Email / Website

Honors US History, Intro to Psychology, Advanced Placement Psychology, SCLA: Community & Local Leadership - 11

Justelle Grandsaert (Social Studies) Email Integrated World Geo/History- 9, Economics, US Government
Steve McNichols (Social Studies) Email Advanced Placement Government, Honors US History, Advanced Placement US History, Advanced Placement Comparative Government
David Speckl (Social Studies) Email World Studies, Honors World Studies
Jamie Vigil (Social Studies) Email / Blog / Website Honors US History, Honors World Studies, Philosophy
David Koctar (Social Studies) Email US Hstory, Honors US History, World Studies
Kelly Burns (Special Education) Email CO-History, CO-English 10, Basic Algebra, Academic Lab
Ginger Guderjahn (Special Education - Building Team Leader) Email Building Team Leader
Shannon Bryant (Special Education) Email Global Skills 9/10, Global Skills 11/12, Pre Algebra, Academic Lab
John Majerus (Special Education) Email Basic Science, Bsc Math, Basic English, Basic Social Studies, Explore Life, Academic Lab Job Search 1, Job Search 2
Sue Sinclair (Special Education) Email CO-Eng 9, CO-Biology, Read 180, Academic Lab, Occupational handbook, College in Colorado
Leanne Lehman (Study Hall) Email College Career Cntr Study Halls
Mary Kennedy (UHS) Email Program Coordinator
Susan Metzler (UHS) Email Program Counselor
Ling Ma (WL: Mandarin Chinese) Email

Mandarin Chinese 1 and Mandarin Chinses 2

Jennifer Mallette (WL: French) Email French 1 - 3, Advanced Placement French, Guided Studies
Janet Burgueno (WL: Spanish) Email Spanish 2 and 3

Christine Jirsa (WL: Spanish) Email /Website

Spanish 1 and 4
Kevin Lyons (WL: Spanish) (Maroon Days) Email Spanish 1 and 2
Emily Mozingo (WL: Spanish) Email Website Spanish 1 and 3

Mission Statement:
Silver Creek High School is an inclusive community committed to leadership and excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics.

~~~Office Hours ~~~
6:30-3:00 Monday-Friday
Health ClerkExt. 45712
Athletic DirectorExt. 45702
Principal's SecretaryExt. 45715

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